Take A Walk On The Art Side

San José del Cabo is a town that overflows with magic, where the brightest colors come to life, music plays on every street, friendly faces are found behind every door, and the walls in each building tell their history which dates back to 1700. Between the ocean and the desert, this small colonial town has combined tradition and luxury to perfection, being able to transport you into an ancient Mexico in the comfort of modernity.

The unique enchantment and charisma of San José differ greatly from that of its twin sister city, Cabo San Lucas. Here in San José, you are about to discover a fascination for the arts, quiet beaches, a delight for the best Baja's cuisine (and other gourmet fusions), and an adoration for traditions and local goods.

While there is a lot to do here in San José, like visiting Palmilla Beach and Costa Azul, spending the day at one of the marvelous boutique hotels and resorts, visiting the bird sanctuary, or simply restaurant-hop all day—which is actually one of the best plans ever because the food here is spectacular- there is something this enchanting town is famous for: It's art galleries.


A couple of blocks from Plaza Mijares, right on Downtown Cabo, there is a cobbled street filled with an explosion of creativity, talent, passion, and fine art known as the gallery district. Here, local and international artists have the opportunity to present their work to the world in any of the artistic disciplines, from photography to sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and even open-air showcases.

From November to June, every Thursday from 5 to 9 they do this amazing art walk where the streets literally just come to life through the arts, which is the best way to dive into the culture, buy something unique and gorgeous and have a memorable time here. Streets become pedestrian-only, and 16 galleries, along with local shops and restaurants, take part in a celebration of art, where people can enjoy the rest of the evening exploring, eating, drinking, chatting, and shopping.

As you roam around the streets, you might find yourself with some live musicians and folkloric performers right there on the open street, filling the ambiance with joy and grace. Some restaurants have special menus designed for this event, and booking in advance is always recommended.

Every shop around here is home to unique treasures produced, designed, or created by local artisans. The beautiful thing about each store here is not only that it is local, but these artists support other local people too. There is almost everything you can think about in these shops, from distinctive clothing designs and fabrics to fine jewelry, pottery, ceramics, accessories, handicrafts, and even organic health and beauty products.

When it comes to galleries, local and international artists, renowned or inexperienced, can all expose their work in these empty halls. Entering each gallery is like diving into a different universe where conversation sparks and wine and tapas flow everywhere. Here, art appreciators, artists, and dreamers gather to talk, praise, and support each other and their art. Most exposing artists are at the gallery, so if you've got any particular interests here is your opportunity to meet your favorite artist.

While the Art Walk event happens only once a week–maybe two in high season- the rest of the week shops, galleries, and restaurants are still open, and you can also visit them during the daytime.

Here are some must-visit places during your Art Walk:


JAZMIN: Jazmin is a celebration of our country. From southern flavors to local cuisine, the menu, service, and traditional decoration have made this restaurant a favorite. It really screams Mexico in every bite, corner, and a warm smile. You have to try the Chile Relleno, the coconut shrimp, and one of their potent cocktails.

LA REVOLUCION: This multiple award-winner restaurant created by Benito Molina and Osvaldo Vázquez is all about contemporary Mexican food. The ambiance has a trendy and artsy vibe, and so does every dish on the menu. Tacos are always a good option, catch of the day ceviche and the octopus are their specialties too. Their mezcal cocktails are extraordinary.

LA LUPITA: This restaurant-cantina has the bohemian and fun vibe you need as you walk the gallery district. The menu focuses on delicious tacos–fish, seafood, pork, whatever creation you can imagine- but the rustic place gives it a little extra. Live music, an open-air terrace, and lots of mezcals. What else can you ask for?


FRANK ARNOLD ART: Frank Arnold is an absolute genius, often praised as one of the best abstract sculptors and painters nowadays. Visiting the gallery of Maestro Frank is entering his powerful mind through oils, prints, and sculptures. If you are lucky, Frank might be around to share a tequila and some wonderful laughs with those who visit hispretty, stone, and glass temple.

GALERIA DE IDA VICTORIA: This gallery is home to some of the most impressive collection in all Cabo, from paintings, with a wide variety of techniques, colors, and disciplines. This two-story home of art is all about supporting emerging talents, not only local but international ones too—currently, they feature over 20 original artists. It has been voted as one of the best Galleries in San José.

CASA DAHLIA: This place is an explosion of imagination and a treat for the senses. The gallery is small, but it features great contemporary artists curated by Leah, the owner of the gallery. However, there is more than that. The gallery has a secret backyard that serves as a lovely garden café, which offers delicious breakfasts, fresh meals, and special dinners. Once a week, owners host dinners where they play some classic movies right there in the garden and serve wooden-baked pizza, homemade desserts, and coffee or drinks.