Experience an Unforgettable Holiday in Mexico's Baja California

Situated at the extreme southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico is the resort location of Los Cabos which has grown in stature; it is now one of the most popular of Mexico's resort destinations. The fantastic location with access to mountains, desert, pristine white beaches, and azure blue seas are the main attraction. Demand from tourists has ensured different types of accommodation which could range from 1-10 bedroom villas and condominiums with attractive pricing and amenities.

All-Inclusive Trips

There are plenty of things for you when vacationing in Los Cabos; from diving, fishing, snorkeling, golf, tennis, horse riding, surfing, etc. Arrangements can be made through hotels or from agents where tours can be booked at very competitive rates. The concept of all-inclusive resorts has also caught on in Los Cabos and other resorts around it, which means that your charges include all meals, taxes, and even come complimentary items. These could range from free golf lessons, snorkeling lessons, or time on the golf course. All the rooms in these resorts are very well appointed with all the latest high-tech gadgets for your convenience. Most of the villas and condominiums have marble flooring, ethnic furnishings, and fully fitted kitchens with all major appliances.

Fishing Paradise

For visitors interested in things to do when on vacation, you can go fishing and sailing, with plenty of fishing charters available in some of the best blue water fishing regions in Mexico. Fish in these waters are plentiful and some of the species include the elusive Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna, and other excellent types. Depending on your budget, charter fishing boats of all sizes are available, from 24 feet to 100 feet, with charges from US$300 to US$5000 per trip. The boats are well-maintained and serviced regularly and are manned by experienced crews. For tourists interested in scuba diving and snorkeling, Cabo San Lucas provides diving centers which have been serving professional divers to this area for years. Ensuring that the center is an experienced and registered unit is important before signing up for any diving or snorkeling trips.

Cultural Activities

Besides the fishing competitions, golf tournaments, and other sporting events, there are a lot of other activities that ensure that you soak in the culture of Mexico and this region. There are a number of art galleries that have opened up in Los Cabos which display both local and artists from around the world. Many of the galleries feature some exquisite paintings, sculptures, and modern art. For collectors, there are rustic furniture shops with items not available anywhere else in Mexico. An hour's drive from Los Cabos is the town of Todos Santos which has become a must-see place, with many local handicraft shops, art galleries along with excellent restaurants, hotels and colonial buildings which have been restored to its formal glory.

With all these amenities that are available and developed over the years, vacationing in the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico has become an unforgettable experience.

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